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Goldfish Apple Yokan (8 Pieces)

Product Description

Yokan is a jellied dessert typically sliced into smaller servings and enjoyed with tea. It is traditionally made out of sugar, agar, and red bean paste. Instead of red bean paste, sink into this refreshing summer treat that features real apple juice from the biggest apple-producing region in Japan! This full-bodied jelly is chewy and delicious while still subtly sweet from Aomori's famous apples. It's delicious when chilled and its adorable goldfish wrapper hints at the popular festival game Kingyo Sukui (goldfish scooping).

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    Customer Reviews

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    A Twist on Tradition

    We love when snacks can trigger a nostalgic and familiar feeling, but have something unique about them – which is why we're featuring the Goldfish Apple Yokan this month. While tradition evokes comforting memories, the use of apple juice is a fun twist that is both tasty and addictive!

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    A real taste of Japan

    We love authentic Japanese snacks and are so excited to share them. We pride ourselves in offering a selection of gourmet and rare options for our customers to enjoy!

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